The album of youth

Once a year of graduation season is coming, suddenly, I have been into university life time of a year. Already lost had just entered the school gate that shy and confused, early to adapt to campus life, travels to every corner of the campus, smell everywhere flowers on campus.
With the summer coming, walking in the campus, the weather is very good, be neither hot nor cold, the school of mirror lake fish swim happily, a play, a bird in the sky flying free, as if looking for my dream. Imperceptibly have found the school some more people, wearing a beautiful gown pictures, originally is the senior learn elder sister of seniors, they are about to end four years of university life, is heading for the society, to bid farewell to our lovely campus. Watching them posed, in every corner of the school, take pictures, it seems to let yourself stay forever in this moment, forever fixed in the University, however, merciless time, only photographic memory had better, in order to miss their own youth, cherish the memory of the days of university. Perhaps this moment they realized, "students" is perhaps their most ideal occupation!
Think about this season, senior learn elder sister students busy and tired more than in May, the college is sad, sad, because a group of lovely people to leave, the way they be in a hurry to depart, busy graduation thesis, defense, faced with the pressure of work, study pressure, short for graduation time and, apparently, them do not have us be in a leisurely and carefree mood. The green willow branches swaying, dancing, there is not clear not to say not. A silent to bless them! Four years of college life is coming to an end, four years, a short duration of time will fall in the memory of the wreath, regardless of which how many bears happy laughter or wordless sob!
Time passes very quickly., suiyueruge, pronto, we'll be promoted to senior seniors, recall a just begins, we are full of dreams in the future, the university life goal for the future, confused, and now, after a year of life, we have a magnificent transformation, we become mature, become rational. Still remember just entered a school, will still call the parents coquetry, cry; still miss in the hometown Taishan and friends waiting for sunrise, together to talk of everything under the sun and fun; still see in the picture is moved to tears, do not care others surprised eyes; will still be happy when laughing, don't care about my image. Now, we live a happy life is coming to an end, we are filled with not the shed and nostalgia, time always quietly, always let us be taken by surprise, always give us a big exclamation mark!
First we be in a leisurely and carefree mood, is spent easily in the laughter in the big two us; more busy, we need so many people with professional knowledge, three we might add a little pressure, because we face the same work, study. Four we will like them, miss miss their university life.  

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Extremely helpless you my youth

The same time, the same ideals, youth, I also love it. So, I will pull a companion to the cinema to see Zhao Weidao's "we will be lost youth", I will go through Liu Tong to the bookstore "the youth who are not confused", I will listen to music at the same time in the accustomed to, download the chopsticks brothers "old boy" to a mobile phone music list. However, the theme of youth appearance, but not as "Youth" in two words or so bright and smooth, be like you and me, alone sad behind the happy surface.

I held the phone to the distant dear sister pour out the pain pains: last year the self-study exam adult candidates this year whether to continue to test, I do not know this famous university diploma of no use, now only the tuition is very distressed, made this year will not be able to do the things I want to do, for example travel. Sister, she certainly can't give me the answer, she said she just wanted to do a good job now, slowly to save some money, finished the card again for the job. Then we had to say the plan and ideal some each other can understand the goals and their own can not understand, but we know, we are not too good. Only the tacit understanding, is that we are going to learn to dance, she said do not want to have hobbies fail in this boring work, but I just want to let your heart is not old, keep this marks the youth.
Why are we so confused? This helpless end where on earth?
We often a crowd singing voice hoarse fall in KTV, all of us have been in the traditional season alone abroad, we are all listening to parents from the resentment, struggling to the powerless to resist, in fact, we all want to escape, escape to a very far place, a person wandering, a man came up to the remotest corners of the globe. Always thought that will someday, we will become like them, compromise to life, an sub family, started life talk nineteen to the dozen, square accounts in every detail, no desire, no longer expect.
As the days of whether or not good? But every time I think about you sad.
It is such a difficult path of youth, we are all from the dream, to bear the burden of life miserable, from tender face, to the final the vicissitudes of life. Years passed, the cycle of seasons, we grow, the youth disappeared.
In the years of silence, I chose to wait. Although sometimes walked, even the direction of all forgot, bursts of breeze, are unable to disperse the sadness, only push yourself temporarily forgotten, so, each time will wipe the tears continued to set sail.  

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Know your legal rights

Personal injury goes beyond physical damage

Personal injury is not only physical injury but also it effect mental position. Interior DesignIt can cause mental distress as because many things can disturb the injured person as can say when he will be going to perfect? Who will handle his business during the period he is unwell? How his family will survive as the working person of the family is on bed? Personal injury does not only effect physically but psychologically too.

Many of the time it is seen that the affected party does not get compensation even though they are entitled for it. The injury could have been prevented if the party had taken proper precautions. It is our legal right to get the compensation from the faulty party.Supplement

No other fee is involved

When we approach a person who helps to get the compensation for our loss will then make sure that, the firm makes all the terms and conditions clear before initiating the case including the cost. No other extra cost is included except the decided cost of the case.

Good lawyer concern for their clients

The lawyers are the one with we have to disclose each and every matter related to the case if hide something from them then case would surely be not in our favor.Invisalign On the opposite side same applies to them as good lawyer always concern for their emotion being the important part of the case the handle each and every situation maturely and confidently.  

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