Recalling the sorghum

Many years have not seen the sorghum. Mo Yan's Nobel Prize once remind me a lot of memory in sorghum.
Sorghum Planting Area from the plains of Sanjiang Yangtze River to the north, from the Shaanxi Gansu to Jiaodong Peninsula, most of China can be planted. The lyrics of "the Yellow River cantata by Guang Wei Ran" have such a few lyrics: "the wind roar! The horse in the name! The Yellow River roar! West hills of lofty high, East Hebei sorghum cooked. A thousand hills and the Anti Japanese hero really many, the green curtain guerrilla athletes to be hero!......" At that time, North China boundless sorghum as green, as the Eight Route Army guerrilla kill devil made distinctions won in battle.

Sorghum and warm sweet, rich in nutrition. It uses a very wide, since ancient times is an important raw material for brewing, made vinegar, starch extraction, processing maltose. Our country ancient times brewing wine, whether it is Moutai, Du Kang, Wuliangye, or Jingzhi, Lanling, Xinghuacun, numerous material of choice, all food wine none of sorghum. It shows that sorghum contribution to China's wine industry is come first on the list.

As for the farm of sorghum and eat, is all kinds of, a multitude of names. Local food, the most famous is the Northeast sorghum, sorghum after peeling, cooking into cooked rice, tastes sweet and refreshing. It shares the honor with corn Cha Zi, belong to the Northeast two delicious staple. The Central Plains area of sorghum to eat more. The most common is the wo Wotou with sorghum, soybean as main material, grinding surface steamed into a dome shape, eat up both strength and sweet. As the saying goes: "sorghum beans, eating enough", "sorghum high, eat more on the fat". Popular "Wo Wo Fu" is specially made for it. If sorghum flour added to wheat flour, yeast hair, made of steamed bread, Hanamaki, tastes soft, soft, is completely different taste. And the flour and sorghum surface and separated from the surface, pile up rolling into a cake, sprinkle with chopped green onion oil and salt, and then roll pulling into the mission, pinch into Wotou, outside is white, inside a layer sets, farmers called it salty litters, but also that it is the twist of the nest or wrapping son nest, eating up have a taste. Sorghum noodles also available flour wrapped, rolling thin baking cakes, wipe on mayonnaise, spicy, roll on the Welsh onion, "Ga Ba" bite, chew up, there is a short bold, now used to eating rice flour to make the beautiful people envy the dead. The Yellow River River Basin and a cuisines, the name called hele (He Lao). Practice is the kneaded dough into sorghum, hele specially made beds, with the piston like pressing above, forcing the surface agent leaked from the below a cluster of small round hole, directly into the boiling pot of soup, cooked with a variety of spices do toppings, or halogen play food, convenient and delicious, taste delicious.

The longer growing season sorghum, from species to receive about half a year, laborious. Farmer's proverb says: "Yang Ye take Mao Mao, everywhere in Gou Sorghum", that is in the three or four lunar month between. If the moisture content is good, four or five days after sowing to emergence, two inches long high fixed pier, grow to a measure of high fixed line. Spacing spacing should be about a unit of length, can not close planting, otherwise easy lodging. Once the lodging, will large area reduction until the crops. If the timely rain, sorghum growth is very fierce. Farmers say: "wheat turned and sorghum diffuse cattle". The wheat harvest season, farmers are busy most of the time, from the cut to up to the barn, which also consider the seedling management of corn, cotton, sweet potato and other crops. Finishing these, a free hand to sorghum, there has my waist. Sorghum although drought waterlogged, but not too much. Especially in the six seven eight three month, God must have enough rain. Time to flower heading inspection, remember to play black mildew -- a disseminated strong fungal virus, grow grain became the black mold (commonly known as memno orientalis). If you do not put it away, Ren Wu mold diffusion, then the next year sow the seed, the black mold will be more. Time to sorghum red rice drying green meters of rain is frequent, the air humidity is big, low-lying department even Wang water. In order to ventilation and light transmission, in a timely manner to pick out the roots of the old leaves. To the sorghum leaf is the most time-consuming work. Pick a leaf when coincided with the three dog days of summer, the scorching heat, waded into the water at the foot of a sorghum Hanako, fall with ants, endure all itchy, but also my job well. The sorghum leaf to pick two to three stubble, pick to the last stubble, only the top two or three leaves enough.  

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Spray pond splash

All the beautiful world of things are taken from the nature after the return to the world, and the broad and profound Chinese culture, contains all the children of the Yellow Emperor all Reiki, blood All blend into one harmonious whole. integrated fine, gas, god. People called the Chinese dragon, the Chinese are descendants of the dragon, dragon, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, good weather brings Itani Toyotokunitaemina and peaceful life, descendants of the dragon in this generation have interest to multiply seeding of human civilization.
True, goodness, beauty is the essence of Chinese culture and thought, she is fully reflected in the living soul attached to the body, also is reflected the nature of all things must take the human as the center, no wonder the ancient saints Confucius in "book of filial piety," said: "heaven and earth, the people of your". That one can master can set things and lofty ideals and high aspirations. Confucius truth inspired the Chinese battle with heaven and earth and the nature of courage, to the later King Yu combating the flood and great determination and courage spirit. "Me" to people and road, day, juxtaposition, known as the four: "in big, big, big, big one, in which people in the yan."
In the broad and profound traditional culture in the Chinese, who attempt to use this Bogut on who can advocate carry the world, generation of father Sun Zhongshan hold high the banner of the three principles of the people, to the whole world as one community to overthrow the thousands of years of feudal monarchy, is the Chinese pioneer, sparks of fire his bourgeois ideas are not in China earth burning it Ashes To Ashes, hand you to lock in Jiang Jieshi's treachery complex out of revolution, another little known is that he was using his name, if abandoned the glorious tradition of the legacy of the Chinese nation, the true, the good and the beautiful, which ultimately leads to the failure of the great revolution .
Mao Zedong Thought Bogut on this open, he read "four books" the farmer scholar "five pass" "twenty four histories", in the long-term practice of revolution he put Marx's flexible Chinese, he is good at summarizing the ancient Yingjie to capture the world of mystery, the Chinese traditional culture cleverly using revolutionary practice, resolutely follow the people-oriented mass line sincerely, get the support of the masses, go forward with great strength and vigour of the marine carry all before one of people's war, the Japanese imperialism was away, Jiang Jieshi finally fled to a tiny area of Taiwan Island, on the way from Taiwan, Jiang Jingguo asked frustration: "father, why do we always fight," Jiang Jieshi stared blankly said: "the public attitude for or against the sea! Very popular in the world! This is the truth since ancient times." Consider the rule of Jiang Jieshi, head of the Whampoa  military academy was a military leader, student can There are plenty of people who, is iron bastions, his governing all spent on the military and political trickery, he thinks he has armed can modern equipment USA advanced defeat the small Mega rifle China Communist, he decided he reckon without one's host the fate of failure.
Recently, Japanese Prime Minister visited the Yasukuni shrine is treason and heresy arch Class-A war criminals, was Chinese and Asian other was strongly against the war suffering people and their governments, Japanese anti war wave is a wave after wave, the root cause is long-term the Japanese people's war in Japanese militarism, families break up families, in Hiroshima Nagasaki was barbarous atomic bomb barren. Anticipation is most Japanese Yamato from Qin Dynasty from the mainland to, a lot of people also flowed the Chinese nation all the children of the Yellow Emperor blood, they think of Chinese force is the ancestors of infidelity and treason and heresy, according to records of Japanese text the word "and" is the original introduction of Chinese characters after the Japanese transliteration of his name (and) also, his culture tradition with the foundation of the Chinese traditional culture, the overall relocation of the Japanese tea ceremony is China tea culture, so the Japanese people to Abe Shinzo's ugly bad performance has guts, opposition to impeach him in the untimely, everyone agrees that he is an out and out rubbish prime minister, his history of reversing the civilization economic power into the abyss.Use plastics in daily life
Social commitment, cover and contain everything, as boundless as the sea and sky, stand on solid ground, focus on form, rhyme, quality, spirit, charm, elegance, Bo, truth, good, beauty, innocence to plastic in such a perfect man, to build a great revival with the perfect man thought world. We have their own hard, the power in the system of the cage, the people on the Wonderfull Life yearning is our goal, the construction of a great people pragmatic party first starts from oneself, this is to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee ruling God omitted.  

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only high-rise mottled shadow

Long residence in city, projection over the only high-rise mottled shadow, opened the window Xuan, was a round of the moon in the sky. The song of Liu Zijun's poem "the moon did not know you have to go, late at night also as reading window", suddenly reminds me of the moonlight book window, and the moonlight hometown.

The silence of the night, the deep blue sky hung under a full moon, the country lanes laughter and noise, people crossing the valley, through the bridge, as if to catch a festive scene, to go see a movie a few years or even ten in the mountain village. Curious eyes staring screen young me in the dark, with people immersed in the high or low in the plot, but do not understand the circumstances I, soon sleep attacks, lying dead asleep in the back of my sister. But next time, still want to chase my sister, travel over land and water, to search for the only entertainment era novel.tom ford sunglasses

Now, I sometimes go to the cinema, a man sat in the corner, in order to see the dynamic character how to interpret the plot of the book, I took it as a spiritual self projected onto the screen, the beam with all the passion and feeling a spiritual individual, in the big screen projection with Rush years not aloeswood. And I was watching the film, rather than dialogue and a video for a period of time and a kind of life attitude.
The theater lights, everything.
Are no longer simple time, I like the uprooted trees, from his hometown of soil living transplantation to the reinforced concrete jungle, not air plant. I only got a huge pressure on the retro mood, improve the local deep and secret water. Want to have a person, and time to witness my time, just this world, everyone was in a hurry.
The passage of time, back scenery, meet people, and old black and white film is always far away. But some people, some things, always fresh.按揭貸款
Always remember "the classical lines of love", Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun meet by chance in 18 years later, they hold phase in the tavern, manzheng sobs were said to the world: "we can't go back, do not go back anymore." The tears choked aphasia, let play and I choke with sobs.  

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We are all great uncle

The passage of time, a blink of an eye, we are Uncle level people,

I really miss those days, ten years ago, it is called big brother.

Now no matter what to say uncle,

I remember when I was 18, at the age of 19, go out with my cousin's son,

Good early, old call me uncle, uncle after the call, I remember one time for a little girl to hear, also laugh at me, people long is not big, but they called uncle, don't be shy, now in retrospect, really a bit funny.vitamin c benefits

OK, now called uncle,

Now many are referred to in the chat, uncle, we have a generation gap. Yeah, now after 90 after 00, we are vulnerable!

I still don't think old ah, still think he is young, is it right? Can think so, I'm not married, I'm still young,
After getting married, have children even after the old,

Parents, uncle, refueling!

I have a few more years to go crazy, the crazy over the years, you busy!The Embroidery Hoop  

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